Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a modern incarnation of the Hatha Yoga Tradition. Yin Yoga combines the influences of Indian Yoga, Chinese Taoist Practices, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Sciences. Yin Yoga is a slow and meditative practice with an emphasis on long-held passive stresses of the deep connective tissues that helps to mobilize and strengthen joints, ligaments and fascia. There is also an emphasis on stretching and stimulating the energetic meridians and points of Acupuncture to increase the flow of Qi, nourish the internal organs, reduce stress and regulate the nervous system. Bonita weaves in her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu to enhance the students experience and increase the therapeutic effect.
All levels. No Yoga experience necessary.

Gentle Yoga for the Aging Body

Gentle Yoga for the Aging Body is centered on creating strength and flexibility through the time-honored poses of traditional Hatha Yoga.  The class includes Pranayama (breathing exercises), Meditation instruction and exploring the basic poses of Hatha Yoga with an emphasis on Sthiram-Sukham-Asanam (steadiness and comfort in all poses).

All levels. No Yoga experience necessary.

Each class runs for 10 weeks.  The cost for each class term is $120.00.
Class size is limited so please call to pre-register.  Drop-ins not available.
Contact: Bonita Arya Landin:  612-207-0337 for class times and availability.

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