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Stone Pointe Shiatsu


- Shiatsu

- Moxibustion

​- Cupping

- Ampuku Abdominal Massage

- Reflexology

​- Energy Clearing 

- Corporate Work

Shiatsu - First Appointment for New Client - $80 plus tax

Shiatsu - 60 Minutes - $70 plus tax

Shiatsu - 90 Minutes - $98 plus tax

During your session I may use other modalities depending on your needs.  These modalities include:

Moxibustion - Warming vital points with various forms of the herb Mugwort.

Cupping - Applying warmed glass cups with suction to points and muscles to increase circulation of blood and lymph, relieve muscle pain and spasm, ease stiffness and speed healing of injuries.

Ampuku Abdominal Massage - Increasing the flow of blood and Qi in the abdomen

creating harmony in the vital organs.

Additional Services:

Energy Clearing ​- A ritual using Sage and Sweetgrass to purify the energy in

your home or office.  Hourly rate plus travel time to your location.

Corporate Work - Bring the therapeutic benefits of Shiatsu to your office.  Call for

more information about this amazing gift for your employees health and well-being.

Gift certificates and discounted package rates are also available.

Cash and Checks accepted. 

By Appointment Only.

24 Hour Cancellation Policy:  If you need to cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment or miss your appointment without notice, you will be billed for the full amount of the session.  Cancellations due to illness, emergency or inclement weather will not be charged.

To schedule an appointment, call Bonita Arya Landin at 612-207-0337.