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Stone Pointe Shiatsu

Welcome to Stone Pointe Shiatsu

My Philosophy

Bodywork is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.  Shiatsu moves Qi and

Blood through the body's energetic pathways called Meridians or Channels.

When Qi and Blood are unobstructed, the body is able to heal, organ function is improved, the body becomes less stiff and experiences less pain and injury.

Bodywork is about knowing yourself and paying attention to how your emotions and life's stresses affect your body and well-being.  The Mind, Body and Spirit are undeniably linked and affect all aspects of our health.

I believe Bodywork is key to bringing these aspects of our being together and help us to experience life in a more meaningful and profound way.

I draw on my knowledge of Eastern Medicine, Nutrition, Yoga and Meditation

to provide a well-rounded treatment catered to my clients needs.  My approach is to look at all aspects of my clients lives to help them put the pieces together for a better quality of life.  Bodywork is often the first step on their path to change.